A Simple Health Guide

A Simple Health Guide: Do these things and you may live forever;)

Lower Stress (Daily and situational meditation, yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback)

Sunlight or Vitamin D supplementation

Water (If the color of your urine is dark yellow, you need to drink more)

Limit toxin intake (Eat organic food and use natural products and cleaners. Take antioxidants daily)

Krill Oil Supplement (Omega 3/6)

Diet (Lots of fruits and vegetables, medium to small amounts of quality carbs and organic meats)

Raw Foods (Raw salads daily)

Sleep (8 hours average)
Exercise (x3 a week, variation is key: cardio, weight training, yoga, stretching)

About David

A generation X subjects inflections on Vajrayana and Dzogchen in the post modern and meta modern(?) frames.
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