My New Years Resolution


From the recognition that this is all perfect as it is

Empty of identity

Full of radiant dancing light

Where nothing needs to be done, finished, or corrected

From there, make this life a work of art

Make love like creating art

Wash the dishes and move your body as works of art

Every instant and action an artful-emptiness

Imbued with presence (shamatha) and recognition (vipashyana)

Use your intention 意圖 (Yi) with stability and mindfulness

Instead of letting it work unconsciously

Breath deeply and relaxed

And radiate out an intentional gift of

Awakening, wellness and peace to infinity


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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1 Response to My New Years Resolution

  1. LB says:

    Beautiful reminders through your beautiful words. Yes, intention…

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