Mixing Your Mind with the Guru

What does mixing your mind with the Guru’s mind or resting your mind in the nature of our Guru’s mind really mean?

You both, are in essence awareness-emptiness. The deepest layer of both of your minds is the same: the part that is aware and knowing, yet empty and not findable as a manifest object (unborn).

This aware-emptiness pervades every experience (good or bad), every thought, sound and appearance. This same aware-emptiness is the truest part of all beings and is why we are all in essence one. Whether you are a cat hearing the leaves rustle, a person hearing the cars pass, or a Guru hearing your students supplication, the same awareness unites with all these different experiences.

At the root, we are all mere-knowing, simple awareness. That is our truest self, our selfless self, the Dharmamkaya.

Mixing our mind with the Guru does not mean that is some relative sense we begin to read the Guru’s mind or have his thoughts. It does not mean we merge with him on some dualistic superficial level.

Simply recognize that the same Mind that knows in him, is the same Mind that knows in you, and that is true for all beings. The grocery clerk, your boss, your partner and your dog. This is our inherent Buddha-nature.

All of the perceptions and experiences are unique and individual as they are filtered through your specific body-mind, but the simple knowing and awareness is exactly the same.

Sarva Mangalam!


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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