The Four Reminders 3/4

#3 Cause and Effect

There is a universal law which applies to all humans. Its not a man made law, it’s natural, universal, and inescapable (from a relative view). This law influences what and how we experience.

Simply, certain causes and conditions will bring certain results and experiences.

To test the law of cause and effect, be really mean to people for a day and then examine how your body and mind feel. Are they open relaxed and full of caring, or closed, tense and full of paranoia and stress. Do the opposite the next day and examine again.

Since we know that cause and effect is an embedded law of our experience, we can then use it to excel on our path and realization. We can use it to create a better more peaceful experience for ourselves.

Karma (cause & effect) always seems like such a scary thing. Like its some monster waiting in the darkness ready to emerge because we’ve done something wrong. We say, “well it must be my karma to endure this hardship” or “man, he must have done something really bad in a past life to deserve this!”

The point I want to make is that we can use this universal law for our benefit, instead of feeling like its an overwhelming negative. If we understand it, we can begin to set up the causes and conditions to wake up right now. We can use the cause and effect relationship intelligently for our benefit and for others.

Understand this natural law effects you

Repeated negative actions will cause results of negative experiences

Repeated positive actions will cause results of positive experiences

Lay down positive habits for yourself which will the be repeated by your offspring and the entire human race

Lay down the groove of positive action for others to follow, not just your self

This is how we change the world

We may ask: what cause will result in my recognition of the deepest nature of my mind, Buddha-nature, union with God.  What do I need to do? What practice, what meditation technique will get me there? How do I get the best results from this life and how do I use it for the best purpose, for myself and others? These are some of the big questions of life  which mystics have explored for centuries. There is no easy answer and they differ according to tradition, but at least we are asking!


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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