The Four Reminders 2/4

#2 Impermanence

Everything changes. Everything ends. We live in conceptual space where we think we can get “things” that will make us “happy”. However, both the “things” and our “happiness” seems to always change and end.



Our lives are happenings, fluctuating experience after experience

Drop into the present moment

Notice how all experience is in a state of happening

Sounds happen and end without a trace

Sensations pulse

Thoughts pop

Images flash

Internal dialogues spin

All of it a constant fluctuation, teaching us impermanence in every moment

This unique fluctuation is your individual stream of experience

Never repeated, not shared, no one else experiences exactly like you

Use it- in each moment- to recognize your deeper nature

The unborn, aware, openness that has always been your core

Your unique expression, the coming together of the causes and conditions that make your individual self- will never be repeated. You are so unique that the universe will never repeat you, the human race will never see the exact you again- for eternity, you will never be repeated…and you will someday end.

Use this unique self to wake up and to give your unique gift to the world. It can never be given again. Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for all beings and the Kosmos. Don’t close down into contraction and fear, and deprive the universe of your gift.

Let the reminder that your life will end and that all things change snap you out of complacency. Give your self away every moment no matter how much it hurts and wake up to the way things really are.


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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2 Responses to The Four Reminders 2/4

  1. Nick says:

    Like night into day and day into night; the changing of the seasons; the rising and lowering of the tide; the phases of the moon.
    Finding stillness in the spinning of the cycle.

  2. DB3 says:

    Beautiful man, keep ’em coming, keep inspiring! Let’s talk soon…

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