The Four Reminders 1/4

I’ve come to the point in my meditation practice curriculum that instruct one to review the their motivations and the previous concentration practices. I thought I would use this blog as a means to express my thoughts and put a contemporary twist on what I believe these contemplations and meditations are pointing to.

The Four Reminders are reasons why we should make a contemplative path primary in our lives. The Buddhist tradition names four.

#1 Precious Human Birth

Have appreciation for your present experience. Appreciation for the fact that your present experience is an opportunity for your to wake up from a grand misperception.

Instead of seeing it as just another day, just another struggle, just another thing you have to do, we can appreciate all these situations- no matter how boring, painful, or joyful- as reminders that show us deeper truths about ourselves and the world.

After some time, our lives are completely transformed by this appreciation. We are no longer simply “food shopping” or “driving to work”, but we are using these activities as a means for practice. We see their value- not just as an activity to accomplish- but as a situation for practice. That’s how we appreciate our lives. By embodying them for a higher purpose then simply completing task after task.

Appreciate your present experience

the sounds




feeling tones

right now, moment to moment, and now and now…

Appreciate them all

Cultivate openess and appreciattion instead of judgements and closing down into mental concepts

Just relax with a sense of appreciation

If you get distracted, just come back to appreciating the passing moment

Can you appreciate the tension, the pain in your legs, the tightness in your chest?

Can you even attempt to appreciate the rapid movement of internal verbilzations and images that proliferate and agitate you as you sit?

Can you apprecitate the sting of someones words, the helplessness in our gut, the gift of praise, the frustration of misunderstanding? The opportunities are endless.

We are appreciating the fact that each of those experiences are- in essence- no other than God, Buddha nature, the nature of mind, whatever you want to call it. As zen would say, those experiences are “it”! Implying that each and every experience already is saturated in and an expression of what we all seek.

Cultivate appreciation. If you don’t, the moments will simply fly by and one day you will be dying. Don’t over look this precious human birth. This moment of experience is always here naturally, awaiting our appreciation.

Cultivate appreciation daily. Even if your day sucks, practice appreciation.

About David

A generation X subjects inflections on Vajrayana and Dzogchen in the post modern and meta modern(?) frames.
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1 Response to The Four Reminders 1/4

  1. Nick says:

    Good stuff, man.
    Very timely.
    Can’t wait to read more!
    Wishing you well.

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