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Mixing Your Mind with the Guru

What does mixing your mind with the Guru’s mind or resting your mind in the nature of our Guru’s mind really mean? You both, are in essence awareness-emptiness. The deepest layer of both of your minds is the same: the … Continue reading

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The Four Reminders 3/4

#3 Cause and Effect There is a universal law which applies to all humans. Its not a man made law, it’s natural, universal, and inescapable (from a relative view). This law influences what and how we experience. Simply, certain causes … Continue reading

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The Four Reminders 2/4

#2 Impermanence Everything changes. Everything ends. We live in conceptual space where we think we can get “things” that will make us “happy”. However, both the “things” and our “happiness” seems to always change and end.     Our lives … Continue reading

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The Four Reminders 1/4

I’ve come to the point in my meditation practice curriculum that instruct one to review the their motivations and the previous concentration practices. I thought I would use this blog as a means to express my thoughts and put a … Continue reading

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