Dokusan: Case I

The teacher had just returned from a long journey traveling across lava fields and volcano ridges by foot.

Student: How was your trip? Did you see the mountains above the stars?
Teacher: I went swimming. The stars reflected in the ocean.
Student: Ah, so they are one?
Teacher: No, stars sparkle and the ocean is wet!
Student: So, is this about having an experience or seeing through all experience?
Teacher: Why are you here?

I wish I could say the student had a great realization at this point. But the conversation carried off as usual.


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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1 Response to Dokusan: Case I

  1. DB3 says:

    Maybe next time the student should beat the teacher to the punch by immediately asking “Why are YOU here?”

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