New Age Spirituality

Post-modern spirituality is tricky business. The more I talk with people, the more I have come to understand just how tricky it is.

Spirituality is defined by everyone differently according to what they are seeking. Since moving back to Honolulu, I have become enmeshed in conversations about spirituality, Buddhism and healing. Some how I always end up feeling that people aren’t really “getting it”.

What I mean by that is people are still caught up in the games of life and duality, yet they believe these games are somehow “spiritual” and better than their other games.

For example, at the clinic this week co-workers brought out there astrological charts and talked about how they will get money during such and such a year, and that the man of their dreams is at such and such a place, etc. Another conversations was about a Hawaiian healer who said one of my co-workers was being attacked my vampiric energy and that’s why she couldn’t gain weight and was always hungry.

I am passionate about waking up, about helping people see reality for what it is and to ease their suffering. I cannot help but feel heartbreak when I see that this is where people are pouring there energy, an energy that fundamentally empowers us to wake up and evolve.

Instead of dropping the self and seeing there is no separation, you look at stars and planets to tell you how to acquire money, comfort and love.

Instead of penetrating the concept of self until it opens into infinity, you go to spiritual healers to fix a body in constant decay.

Instead of resting in the true nature of experience regardless of what is occurring, you spend countless energy lighting incense and taking care of temple duties.

Instead of celebrating God in every moment, you use visualizations and mantras as methods to produce future comfort and gratification- does that time ever come?

Instead of surrendering to Spirit, you try to control it and use it.

Instead of seeing that you do not exist in the way your concepts portray, you read horoscopes and get goose bumps as you read about your how special you are.

Instead of sitting your ass on the cushion, you are roaming bookstores for the guidance. Use the moment!

Instead of healing the split between you and the Kosmos, you want to heal your inner child.

Instead of telling me what you experience is like, you regurgitate what some ancient text says or give the generic answer.

Instead of simply opening to it all and beyond it all, you are still manipulating, contriving and struggling.

The saddest thing is that you haven’t understood the fundamental point. You will not solidify a future happiness in these attempts. You are just playing more games, “spiritual games”. Don’t waste your time. Seek the vital point.


About David Vitello

I am an aperspectival thinker, blogging about the vajrayan path, integrative medicine and art.
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2 Responses to New Age Spirituality

  1. DB3 says:

    It’s a hard thing to take that look inside and really ask yourself if you’re actually just hoping for a better version of samsara or if you’re really trying to transcend suffering. John Tarrant Roshi talks about it as “redecorating your (jail) cell” versus a “prison break or prison demolition.” I often find that I am still (not so) secretly in love with samsara and simply hoping for a cell with a better view. While I may not be consulting astrological charts for ‘redecorating’ ideas, I often wonder what more subtle and insidious ways I’m using to deceive myself…

    • Yeah, sometimes I feel like this whole trip has an undercurrent of getting to a place where things are just right and samsara is in order or transcended. I am continually slapped in the face by this notion. I really like Roshi’s comments, they are similar to Ken Wilber’s who say something like it not about making the ride more pleasant, it about getting of the ride altogether.

      Thing that gets me worked up about the new age stuff, is that they are still looking for ways to make the ride better, more spiritual, more full of love. Which is great in a sense, but all that comes when you step off the ride, when you drop in to MM, you don’t have to make it happen. They are still caught in translating instead of transcending.

      That said, most of my day revolves around the “subtle and insidious ways” I try to arrange samsara. In fact, that’s all David is.

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